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Feels Like Home by Jo Cox

Feels Like Home by Jo Cox Jess has loved Melissa for longer than she can remember and it’s bearable when they’re a hundred miles apart, but what will happen when they’re thrown back together and there’s nowhere to hide? Jess has tried everything to put her feelings aside, but when Melissa comes home from universityContinue reading “Feels Like Home by Jo Cox”

When Angels Fall (WeHo #1) by Sherryl D. Hancock

When Angels Fall (WeHo #1) by Sherryl D. Hancock Skyler Boche’ survived the war, and a crash that should have killed her and her entire crew. What the crash didn’t do, PTSD kept loosely at bay, is working on doing damage to what remains of Skyler’s heart. But when she meets headstrong, beautiful and wildContinue reading “When Angels Fall (WeHo #1) by Sherryl D. Hancock”