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My Favorite Book Boyfriends

Let’s talk book boyfriends! They are usually so much better than real life ones haha. Yes, they are often super unrealistic, but hey, that’s what books are for. Authors get to literally create someone great, it’s like build a boyfriend! On a side note, I have always wanted to know how an author would describe me in a book, both appearance and personality! Maybe that is something I can do for a future blog post??

I digress, back to book boyfriends. My favorite thing, about characters in general is as a reader, while specifics are described, you still get to create someone in your head, so while the author is creating someone on the pages, you are creating someone in your mind. It becomes more about personality and actions in my opinion, which is way more important that someone looks, though good looks never hurt anybody ;). Here are some of my favorite book boyfriends.

The Lux book series were the first books I read by Jennifer L. Armentrout. A friend’s mom actually gave them to me for my birthday and I was pretty hooked. If you’ve read the books, Daemen starts out as a bit of an asshole, but as you know it’s because he was trying to protect his family. I like that he was really selfless and caring (once you earned his trust) and this book really renewed my science-fiction/ fantasy genre love.

Fish, from Smitten makes my list because literally all the characters in the book describe him as being a regular person! I know, shocking, but I actually really miss realistic characters in books. He is also probably one of the nicest characters I ever read about and was super genuine and honest. Extra bonus, the characters DIDN’T have some stupid petty fight at the end of the book that annoyed me no end.

Tennessee from The Coven series is my 12 year old emo phase self biggest crush. Dark, moody dude who wears all black and is the leader of his peeps despite not feeling worthy, swoon. 12 year old me is quaking in my purple slip on vans. On a more adult note, he is super bad-ass and apparently that’s my jam. Also, I think even more than I liked him, I liked Teegan, the main protagonist in this series for the same reasons haha.

I liked Peeta, from the Hunger Games, not just because of the obvious reasons that most would assume, aka being selfless and caring, though that didn’t hurt. I liked that he was a baker and super artsy. I am one of those people that the best way to my heart is through my stomach. Also, I absolutely loathe love triangles and for some reasons, books of this era really liked them so it really forced me to pick a side and stick with it haha.

Alright, thanks for reading! If only real life one were as nice (and presumably as nice looking) as fictional ones, *sigh lol. Let me know who are your favorite book boy friends?

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