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My Favorite Fictional Heroes

Favorite of Fiction continues with My Fictional Heroes! I am a big sucker for a good hero / heroine who saves the world! Many people hate the ‘chosen one’ trope, but I honestly don’t mind it because I know the book will be full of action and asskicking with a very cool hero. I will admit, I think science fiction/ fantasy books that involve saving the world probably make up at least half of the books I read.

Let’s talk my favorite heroes and heroines!

Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, is one of my favorite heroes! He is a lawyer who stood up and represented a black man being falsely accused of murder in the South. He faced backlash and retaliation for doing what is right, and continued to do it anyways. While this book is fiction, it has undoubted happened many many times in our history and continues to happen.

June and Day from The Legend series. I really loved this series. It was the classic, two characters from opposites sides of the power spectrum come together to discover the truths of the of an oppressing regime. It falls heavily into the dystopian category, which I am an absolute sucker for.

Teagan from the Coven: Elemental Magic series is pretty badass. She definitely falls into the category of heroines who were naturally talented and didn’t have a whole lot of training, but I honestly didn’t care because I just sort of wanted to be her haha. This is a very fun young adult series that is definitely a good read.

If you read, Fictional Characters I Want to Meet, you should definitely not be surprised that Hermione Granger is on my list of favorite heroes. I love love love how smart she is and she uses her brain, as well as her magical talents to get out of situations. I’ll say it again, Harry Potter definitely wouldn’t have succeeded without her.

I did not read the Game of Thrones books, but I did watch the series and Arya Stark is honestly my girl crush. Next to the definition of badass is a picture of her. Also, her fighting skills despite her short size inspire my short self too.

I haven’t talked about this series much, but the series is a retelling of different fairy tales. Persinette is also pretty badass as well, which clearly is what impresses me a lot based on this post haha. This series was great and also has quite a few spinoff books, so you get to keep the magic alive for awhile.

Thanks for reading! This may be my last post in my Favorite of Fiction, or there may be one more, who knows? haha. Who are some of your favorite heroes and heroines? Let me know, and drop any recommendations with some badass characters.

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