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The Promise of Us (Sanctuary Sound #2) by Jamie Beck

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

The Promise of Us (Sanctuary Sound #2) by Jamie Beck

They couldn’t be more different…or more completely perfect for each other.

Claire McKenna knows about loss. The bullet wound that ended her promising professional tennis career drove her to make a quiet life for herself working with fabric samples, chatting with her book group, and spending time with her parents in her sleepy coastal Connecticut hometown. Then there was the boyfriend who dumped her to pursue her adventurous childhood friend. Now, Claire’s business has hit a financial snag, but she’s up to the challenge. After all, she can survive anything. At least she thinks so…until her teen crush, Logan, returns to town with his sister, Claire’s traitorous friend.

Photographer Logan Prescott is more playboy than homebody. But his sister’s illness teaches him that there’s more to life than chasing the next thrill. Bent on helping her win Claire’s forgiveness, he turns his charm on Claire and offers her big bucks to renovate his multimillion-dollar New York City condo.

After years of playing it safe, Claire must now take some risks. The payoff could be huge, but if it all falls apart, can her heart recover from another loss?

Before I start this review, I am just going to say that I just learned that you can do 1/2 star ratings with WordPress! I had no idea! Which seems stupid in hindsight because duh. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give a half star rating to something and rounded up or down so if you go back to old posts and you see some with new ratings, just know, I just learned how to do that haha.

Okay besides my TechnoDinosaurness, I was disappointing by this book. Remember in my review of Beck’s When You Knew, I mentioned that I wanted to read more of her books to see if really loving that one was a fluke or if she always writes that well? I am sad to announce that I didn’t like this book, mostly because of the male protagonist, Logan, which I will get into later. Obviously, only reading two books does not equal to a well-rounded opinion, so I will try to keep an open mind about any of Beck’s other books.

Now to the story, I love the premise. Claire was a promosing athlete before gun violence left her physically handicapped. Unfortunately, this is a reality all over America, WE NEED SENSIBLE GUN LAWS! Claire has let fear control her life and hasn’t left her counties lines since the attack. However, despite liking the premise, I don’t think Beck wrote Claire with any type of strength or depth. It was the standard, girl lets boy change her trope, which made me sad because she could have written Claire so powerfully about how to overcome challenges and obstacles. Beck essentially said you need a man/ person in your life to come and fix it, especially when her lifelong friends couldn’t even help her.

Now onto Logan. I loved that he pushed her to get outside of her comfort zones, but he did it in a very manipulative, ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ kind of way, which I am 100% not for at all. Even when people brought up his heavy handedness and he would think he was being manipulative, he would shrug and say, oh well, the results are worth it. The ends do not outweigh the means. It is never okay for someone you care about or anyone for that matter to manipulate you.

Also, with the whole Logan is trying to earn Claire’s forgiveness for her sister. Do you know who is responsible for trying to win Claire’s forgiveness? Peyton, the sister who fucked up. It is not anyone else’s jobs. Everyone in that damn city kept telling Claire she should be thanking her and that Peyton blah blah blah, but Peyton should be the one doing the talking. I absolutely hated that. If Claire doesn’t want to forgive her childhood best friend for stealing her boyfriend then she is well within her right. I get not holding grudges and forgiveness, but that was an absolutely shitty thing to do.

I am wholly against cheating. If one of my friends said her/ his boyfriend/ girlfriend cheated on her, I would tell them to drop them immediately. Now that betrayal by not just her boyfriend, but with her best friend? Then for people to tell Claire she should “thank Peyton” (exact words) so she saw her boyfriends true colors? Hello, what about Peyton’s true colors? Sorry, rant over, but writing this pisses me off all over again.

Okay, sorry about the negativeness of this review. I was so excited for this story and I think it could have been amazing. However, I did not enjoy how the characters were written at all. Fear and PTSD are the reality for many people all over the world. Beck had a really amazing opportunity here to speak directly to them and help them, but fell extremely short on that front in my opinion. She did actually do this with Peyton’s character who has cancer, so props for that. Maybe I am just a negative Nancy, but thanks for sticking with me through the end. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have differing views, please share them with me! I would love others opinions on this book.

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