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My Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations

The book is always better, hands down. And often enough, the movies are awful and ruin a book entirely, ahem, Vampire Diaries, I’m talking about you. However, I love when a movie adaptation really does a book justice. I get that it can be really hard to make a movie appeal to the eye while holding true to the book, especially when the books involve high levels of fantasy, technology, myth, etc. But when done right, oh boy is it good. Also, the book obviously has to pretty popular and very well loved to become a movie, so the audience has extremely high expectations, it’s hard not to disappoint.

My favorite book to movie adaptions are…

Is there anybody better than Leo? I think not. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, and the movie was magical and totally lived up to my expectations. All I wanted to do was go to a Gatsby party and punch Daisy in her face. Maybe that is why 2020 is so shit, we all had Roaring 20’s NYE parties and look how that ended, we really did this to ourselves.

This movie is a tearjerker, fair warning. I actually watched this movie before I read the book. I was flying home from Australia and was already sad to be leaving after calling Sydney home for a year, then I watched this movie and I was a ball of tears. I feel so bad for the person sitting next to me. After I got home and immediately ordered the book and yes, still ended up in tears even though I knew what was going to happen.

Oh Harry Potter, you were my childhood and I still squeal with joy when an HP marathon comes on TV. I may or may not have stood in line for over an hour in England to take a picture a platform 9 3/4 and camped out for hours to see the midnight premiers of the movies. Yes, I realize the movies left quite a bit out compared to the books, but considering the movies were already over 2 hours, I do understand why. I hate that JK Rowling took away the magic of this series for so many with her hateful, transphobic views, so I will say, I stand with the LGBTQ+ community, please don’t lose the magic of the stories.

I read this book a few years ago when the Black Lives Matter movement really started to gain momentum. It is so important to stay informed on issues and understand how the media portrays POC. While the book may be fiction, the story is something we have heard and seen many times before. This movie did not do as well in the box office as I would have hoped, but I love Amandla Stenberg and think she did a great job portraying Starr.

So yep, these are my favorite book to movie adaptions. I love watching the characters come to life. When you read a book, you create a certain image in your head as you read, so I love being able to put physical people and settings to my imagination. Let me know your favorite book to movie adaptions! Next up in this series is the Worst Book to Movie Adaptations, stay tuned.

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